Dec 23, 2018

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! We sure hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. We are also getting ready to spend some time with family over the next little while. We want to thank all of our fans for their support. 2018 was a great one!! The release of our new album “Extra Dirty”, a new video, countless shows, and having “Extra Dirty” go #1 in Europe was really exciting!!!

Big thanks to everyone along the way who helped make our dreams in 2018 come true: OUR BAND!! – Alan Tymofichuk, Derek Oja, Scott Ebner- thank you for always being there, and for being a great group of people that we can always count on- and thanks always for the LAUGHS!!! We love you.

To Rob Hewes- PRODUCER EXTRODINAIRE! Thank you for your patience and countless hours in the studio, for pushing us to go outside of our comfort zones to bring out the best performance possible. And thanks to for your support, coming out to see us bring the record to life in our live shows. Thankful for you, and love working with you!!

To Barrett Klesko- man– you da bomb! Thank you for shooting our “Extra Dirty” music video this year! SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for your vision and for always being a blast to work with, and for always making us feel relaxed! Love working with you!

Big thanks to radio this year for supporting out music! Thanks to Nik- from Italy always pushing our songs and giving us shout outs! We appreciate this more than you know!!!

Thank you to our families, who always support our music!

Last but not least to the fans- you mean the world to us. Thank you for the kind comments on all of our social media, for buying our music, coming to the shows, watching our videos, voting for us, and for your undying support- THANK YOU! We look forward to bringing you much more in 2019!!

Our last show of 2018 was at the Century Casino in St. Albert. We always have a fantastic time there!! Thanks to the family, friends and fans that came out to see us and danced the night away. We hope that our music will always bring a smile to your face, and joy in your hearts.

See you all in 2019!!!!




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