Hello Everyone!  We sure hope you all are having an amazing Summer 2017!

We have had a very busy summer this far.  Between shows, and studio life has kept us very busy!We played the Lamont Rodeo to a full house again!  We had a great time!! Met lots of awesome people as always and met some new fans, always fun to meet them!  So nice!  Lyndon, we hope you enjoy our banner!!! 😊😊


We are taking our time with new music as we want to bring you the best always and we are enjoying creating and writing.  No release date yet, but there is no time limit on creativity.

This past week we played the Patio Series at Festival Place!  What an awesome show that was!  The crowd was so kind, there was great food and they treated us wonderfully.  We really enjoyed ourselves on stage – it was a beautiful day and we had an awesome view of the lake.  We hope to play there again!

At the end of August we will be travelling to Ranchman’s again in Calgary.  Always love playing there!  Lots of friends and family that come out to see us so it’s always great – not to mention, New Fans and all the dancing!

We have some cool stuff coming up for the fall and check out all of our social media for all the updates as well as the website.  We hope you all are having an amazing summer!

Until next time,



P.S.  Here are some photos of that evening!

It was a wonderful day to enjoy a great BBQ meal and live entertainment Wednesday for the Patio Series we were honoured…

Posted by Dirt Road Angels on Friday, August 4, 2017